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Night Wing Smart Motorcycle Gloves - Black

Night Wing Smart Motorcycle Gloves - Black

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GrandPitstop Night Wing gloves have been created to meet the serious demands of touring and adventure riders across the globe. We’ve made sure they combine the ideal balance of protection safety and ventilation, whether you’re on or off-road.

Night Wing: This product is inspired by the phoenix wings which symbolize light in dark moments. The product is designed to keep road safety and enhance rider visibility in traffic for all the right reasons.

Turn led glove indicators: Without compromising on the fitting and comfort the tech has been integrated the glove.

Be Visible Be safe: These gloves are perfect for city/ traffic riding. It helps enhance riders' visibility in traffic enormously.

Description Image

Hard Shell Palm Protector

Thickened SBR padding on the palm can well protect the palm, cushioning and shock absorption when riding to reduce friction damage in the event of a collision or fall.

Knuckle Protection

Reinforced knuckle pads offer the best possible impact protection to your knuckles.

High-Quality Fabric

High-Quality Fabric Comfortable palms, 100% Polyester Air mesh with absorbent Microfiber diving cloth and breathable poly stretch fabric throughout.

The perfect activation Trigger is embedded on index finger.


Super Bright LEDs

LEDs are bright enough to be visible during daylights.

Touch Screen Compatible

No need to take off these gloves while using your cell phone.

Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable battery of these Gloves allows for up to 15 days of long-lasting use.


Kindly use them for low-speed city riding only. Not built for high-speed riding, racing, or track racing

Size Chart

Height 6.5 mm
In the Box 1 Pair Gloves
Length 24 mm
Material 100% Polyester Air mesh with absorbent Microfiber diving cloth and breathable poly stretch fabric through out.
Weight 600 g
Width 13 mm
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It’s not about what you ride but how you ride it.

Your awareness towards the road and your safety gears defines you a safe rider. Your life is more valuable than the risk.