Collection: Studds Helmet Thunder: The Perfect Choice for Indian Riders


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  • Enjoy the convenience of a removable and washable liner for lasting freshness.
  • Secure your ride with a robust strap system ensuring an optimal fit and uncompromised security.
  • Select from a diverse range of stylish designs that resonate with your unique style.

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Unleash Your Ride with Studds Helmet Thunder: A Fusion of Style and Safety

Embrace style and substance with the Studds Helmet Thunder—a seamless fusion of design and impact resistance. Its refined full-face construction boasts controlled density EPS, dynamic ventilation, and a hypoallergenic, replaceable liner. This helmet, available in various sizes and colors, encapsulates the essence of safety and style for Indian riders. The quick-release visor and chin strap streamline usage, while its sleek design harmonizes with practicality. Elevate your ride with the Studds Helmet Thunder, where protection and panache unite effortlessly.

Key Features of Studds Helmet Thunder

One notable feature is the aerodynamic and assertive design, ensuring both style and functionality. The washable and replaceable liner and cheek pads add convenience and hygiene. The polycarbonate visor, silicon hard-coated for scratch resistance, enhances durability. The quick-release chinstrap mechanism ensures effortless wearing and removal.

When it comes to style, the Studds Helmet Thunder receives a perfect score. With ISI certification, it not only looks stylish but is also a safe choice. The high-quality graphics and tinted visor further enhance its appeal.

Style Meets Safety: Studds Helmet Thunder Review

In the realm of safety and style, the Studds Helmet Thunder truly shines. With its top-notch features and fashionable design, it's a commendable choice for riders seeking a reliable and trendy helmet We have to give it 10/10 for being one of the most stylish helmets there is and which has a ISI certification.