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Taur – 4 in 1 Magnetic riding Tank bag, thigh bag, waist bag and Messenger sling bag

Taur – 4 in 1 Magnetic riding Tank bag, thigh bag, waist bag and Messenger sling bag

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Taur’s raging sharp looks break you out from the crowd of wussy carry-pouches. It’s not a damn carry pouch, it’s a Taur.
Take it for a ride, for a trek, or just a stroll through your neighborhood, it has got the raging looks to make heads turn. We are sure you’ll NOT step out without your Taur.


Quick deployment for multiple carrying positions

  • Sling Bag/ Messenger bag : Attach the straps and carry across your shoulders.
  • Waist bag/Thigh Bag : Attach the straps around waist, adjust to fit. Attach separate thigh strap for Thigh bag. We know you lose straps, don’t worry, the straps go right inside Taur when not required!
  • Snap-On bag : If you don’t like straps, we still got you. Attach Taur just effing anywhere!
    The Top flap has a damn strong magnet. Just snap it on, over your pocket, belt, knee pockets, Trouser waist. Yeah, as we said, just effing anywhere.
  • Tank bag : Yeah, the four Neodynamium super strong magnets aren’t for a show !
    Open up the top flap and just snap it on your Motorcycle Tank!

    Uniquely designed 4-way magnetic mechanism help in securing the Taur to your motorcycle metal tank. And by this Magnetic system, Taur has the ability to attach to one’s jeans/cargo pockets or over your waist belt for a strap-free carry.
    When using as a Tank bag open up the top flap and then attach to tank, it claws on the tank from top for secure attachment.

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