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Hip Belt

Hip Belt

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The is adjustable hip belt with pockets compatible with Carbonado GT3 and Carbonado backpack. This add on accessory provides added weight distribution while carrying the backpack. Recommended while using the backpack for long motorcycle rides, treks, or longer commutes.

Features two pockets to hold your accessories. Insert the belt in the side small pockets provided in the either bottom ends of the back panel. 


- Compatible with Carbonado GT3 and Carbonado Gaming Backpack
- Features two pockets on either side for carrying additional accessories
- Made of breathable mesh fabric for ventilation
- Adjustable buckle
- Easy to insert in the back panel
- Provides added weight distribution feature
- Recommend while long commutes, trekking, motorcycling and riding.


- Made of Air Mesh Fabric
- SR buckle for fastening of the belt
- Max belt size upto 55 inches
- Compatible with GT3 and Gaming backpack

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