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Size Chart:

Measurements in cms



S 53 49 79.5 56.5 48 68 12
M 54 51.5 81 56.5 51.5 69 12
L 56.5 53 82 59 53 73 12.5
XL 57.5 55 82 59 54 74.5 13.5
2XL 60.5 57 86 60 54 74 .5 14.5

Measurements in inches

S 20.75 19 31 31 19 26 .5 4.75
M 21 20 31.8 31.8 20 27 4.75
L 22 20.75 32 32 20.5 28.5 4.8
XL 22.25 21.5 32 32 21 29 5
2XL 23.5 22 33.5 33.5 21 29 5.5



DSG Race Pro V2 Jacket

The DSG RacePro V2 motorcycle jacket is what you get when people love in a one-piece suit but look for a separately wearable alternative slim sport fit jacket. This motorcycle jacket means business and is technically on-par with comparable one-piece clothing.

It comes including a first time in its class removable elbow sliders in India, fixed hard-shell shoulder and a speedhump you find on track-ready items. You can zip-up with the knee slider-equipped DSG Race Pro riding trousers, or keep things practical by combining the motorcycle jacket with riding jeans.

The jacket comes with a separately wearable sleeveless, thermal water resist quilted liner within, and when taken out, the DSG Race Pro V2 is ready for warmer weather. DSG CE-level 2 protectors at the elbow, shoulders, back.

The DSG Flex Level 2 divided chest inserts with Flexion technology – another first in India developed by DSG, come standard with every DSG Race Pro V2 jacket; with the elbow and shoulder inserts receiving a boost in protective performance by our externally positioned protectors straight from MotoGP


  • OUTER SHELL: The main shell is made of 600 Denier Cordura.
  • 3D Air Mesh This knitted fabric has an open, 3-dimensional structure that ensures good ventilation while riding.
  • 3D Air Mesh is a must-have for riders. Neoprene Neoprene is a synthetic rubber useful for protective gear. It is abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, waterproof, and stretchable, and buoyant. TPU
  • TPU is an elastomer that has high abrasion ability and impact strength reinforcing the shoulder and elbow region.



  • Hook and Loop Adjustment strap at waist Button adjustments at the elbow for a better fit Pockets
  • Inner pocket - 1 Inner napoleon pocket with water resist zippers Outer pocket - 2 Slit pockets at waist Features
  • Long connection zipper at waist Stretch fabric from the wrist to the armholes for a snug fit
  • Stretch panel on the neck between the hump and collar Stretch lips at waist with the long zipper which prevents the jacket from creeping up: keeping the jacket and pant together.
  • Accordion panels on the shoulder and back CLIMATE REGULATION Insulation Internal separate quilted water-resistant sleeveless jacket to keep the rider protected from light showers and cold
  • Ventilation 3D Air mesh Ventilation panels on sides The ventilation panels on this garment allow for optimal airflow to keep the body cool while riding. PROTECTION IN THIS PRODUCT


Dual shoulder protectors

  • DSG CE-level 2 Divided Insert Chest Protector The DSG divided Chest protector comes with CE Level 2 Flexion technology developed exclusively by DSG, a first in India protection.
  • The DSG Flexion Divided Chest Protector comes standard with every Race Pro V2 jacket. DSG CE-level 2 Insert Back Protector The DSG back protector is a CE-level 2 protector insert designed by DSG to maximize safety.
  • Safety Seams The stitching in motorcycle garments contributes greatly to the abrasion resistance of the total gear. This is why DSG uses safety seams on garment areas that have increased risk of impact. Safety seams have a visible as well as an invisible seam. This construction keeps the material of the outer shell together, even when the visible seam is torn.
  • DSG CE-level 2 Elbow Protectors Certified CE-Level 2 according to the norm EN1621-1:2012 the DSG protector is the latest innovation from the in-house R&D department.
  • The DSG protectors easily protects the rider without sacrificing wearer comfort.
  • DSG CE-level 2 Shoulder Protectors Certified CE-Level 2 according to the new norm EN1621-1:2012 the DSG protector is the latest innovation from the in-house R&D department.
  • The DSG protectors easily protects the rider without sacrificing wearer comfort. TPU sliders
  • Fixed hard-shell shoulder sliders
  • Removable elbow - sliders (saleable separately) CERTIFICATION
  • CE Certified to EN standards.

Note: Images shown for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary in look & finish as per discretion from DSG.

Discover the Versatile DSG Race Pro V2 Jacket

The DSG Race Pro V2 Jacket is a testament to DSG's commitment to providing riders with top-notch gear that combines style and safety. This slim sport fit jacket is a perfect alternative for those who prefer separates over a one-piece suit, making it a standout option within the range of DSG Jackets. It's a versatile choice that caters to the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Performance and Protection in DSG Jackets

This motorcycle jacket is loaded with features, including removable elbow sliders - a first in its class in India. It also features fixed hard-shell shoulder protection and a speed hump, commonly found on track-ready gear. The DSG Race Pro V2 Jacket is a prime example of how DSG Jackets deliver on performance and protection, putting it on par with comparable one-piece clothing. For riders seeking a balance between style and safety, this jacket is a top pick.

Quality and Standards in DSG Jackets

The DSG Race Pro V2 Jacket also comes with a sleeveless, thermal, water-resistant quilted liner that can be removed, making it suitable for warmer weather conditions. The inclusion of DSG CE-level 2 protectors at the elbow, shoulders, and back ensures top-notch safety for riders, a feature consistent with the quality and standards set by DSG Jackets.

Built to Last: Construction of DSG Jackets

In terms of construction, the jacket's main shell is crafted from 600 Denier Cordura, offering excellent durability. The inclusion of 3D Air Mesh provides ventilation while riding, ensuring comfort even during long journeys. Neoprene and TPU reinforce the shoulder and elbow regions, adding to the jacket's abrasion resistance and impact protection, a hallmark of the quality you can expect from DSG Jackets.

Custom Fit and Convenience in DSG Jackets

Adjustability is key in the DSG Race Pro V2 Jacket, with hook and loop adjustment straps at the waist and button adjustments at the elbow for a customized fit. Multiple pockets, including inner and outer options, offer convenient storage space, a feature that riders appreciate in DSG Jackets. A long connection zipper at the waist ensures the jacket stays securely connected to your riding pants.

Enhanced Mobility and Comfort with DSG Jackets

The jacket also features stretch fabric from the wrist to the armholes, stretch panels on the neck, and stretch lips at the waist with a long zipper to prevent the jacket from riding up. Accordion panels on the shoulder and back enhance mobility and comfort, a testament to the thought and precision put into the design of DSG Jackets.

Stay Cool with Proper Climate Regulation in DSG Jackets

In terms of climate regulation, the jacket includes a separate quilted, water-resistant, sleeveless liner to protect riders from light showers and cold conditions. Ventilation is ensured with 3D Air Mesh and ventilation panels on the sides, keeping the body cool during rides, a feature that highlights the practicality and comfort embedded in DSG Jackets.

Advanced Protection: Safety Features in DSG Jackets

When it comes to protection, the DSG Race Pro V2 Jacket is equipped with dual shoulder protectors and DSG CE-level 2 divided insert chest protectors, featuring Flexion technology, a groundbreaking innovation that underscores the commitment to safety in DSG Jackets. Safety seams are strategically placed to enhance abrasion resistance, providing an added layer of security. DSG CE-level 2 elbow and shoulder protectors offer high-level protection without compromising on comfort, a principle that runs through all DSG Jackets.

Certified Quality: CE Certification in DSG Jackets

This jacket is CE certified to EN standards, guaranteeing its quality and safety standards, a mark of assurance that comes with all DSG Jackets. The DSG Race Pro V2 Jacket is a prime example of how DSG continues to innovate and improve its products, ensuring that riders can confidently choose DSG Jackets for the best in style and safety.

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