This system, which has been patented by MT-Helmets, allows quick and comfortable mounting/dismounting of the screen without having to remove the helmet from the head.


The new MT Hummer B helmet is now ECE 22.06 certified, ensuring the highest level of safety and protection for riders. This certification means that the helmet has passed rigorous testing and meets the strict safety standards set by the Economic Commission for Europe.

What does ECE 22.06 certification mean?

ECE 22.06 is the latest standard for motorcycle helmet safety, focusing on impact protection, retention system effectiveness, field of vision, and more. With this certification, riders can have peace of mind knowing that their helmet has been thoroughly tested and approved for safety.

Lightweight design for enhanced comfort

In addition to being ECE 22.06 certified, the new MT Hummer B helmet is also designed to be lightweight. This lightweight construction not only reduces fatigue during long rides but also enhances overall comfort for the rider.

By incorporating advanced materials and innovative design techniques, the MT Hummer B helmet offers a perfect balance of safety and comfort. Riders can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, lightweight helmet without compromising on protection.

Upgrade to the new MT Hummer B helmet

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, investing in a quality helmet is essential for your safety on the road. The new MT Hummer B helmet combines ECE 22.06 certification with a lightweight design, making it the ideal choice for riders looking for top-notch protection and comfort.

Upgrade to the new MT Hummer B helmet today and experience the difference that certified safety and lightweight design can make on your riding experience.

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